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Manor Farm has always been a working farm, and although we now farm more caravans than cows, we still enjoy the day to day farming lifestyle.

The farm has been here for over 50 years and originally had a herd of 80 friesian cows which we milked twice daily and sold some of the milk to campers. We kept a flock of 300 texel sheep which grazed the whole campsite during the winter months, and there were always some horses and ponies around, and usually some ducks and hens roaming the farmyard.

Although the farm has been scaled down into the Pets Corner to make way for more caravans, we now keep a much wider variety of animals. Along with a small flock of sheep we also have a herd of breeding goats which produce plenty of babies in the spring for you to come & see. We have a large flock of laying hens, and we always enjoy feeding them bread scraps from the campers in the morning and collecting their eggs for the site shop.

As you go off on our 'scenic walk' around the farm you'll come across ducks which we feed on their pond, pigs rooting up their paddock, donkeys and Shetland ponies all ready to greet you and enjoy a bit of attention.

At the top of the hill on the scenic walk there are some picnic tables where you can sit for a while and take in the stunning views over the site and across the valley. It really is breathtaking, once you can catch your breath!

As you wander back into the heart of our farm you'll find pens with  ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs, more goats and our roaming farm cat, Smokey. There is also an aviary, alongside our children's colouring room where you can watch the cockatiels and budgies, and have a go at drawing them, or just do some colouring and have your results put up on the wall or even on our website!

You're very welcome to come up with us in the mornings, and wander around, watching us carrying out the day to day jobs in the farm. It'll be an experience you'll want to repeat every day, and probably every year!

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